Meet Charlotte Bell and Wolf Sitter

Charlotte Bell and Wolf Sittler have both been self employed artists for over 30 years. They live in both Austin, TX and San Miguel de Allende Mexico. They have vacation rentals in the two locations. Both unique houses were designed and furnished by the couple.

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    Thirty-six years ago, Charlotte immediately recognized the uniqueness of Travis Heights and found a dismal house on a beautiful lot. Two years later, Wolf moved to Austin and joined in the task of re-inventing the house so it more closely reflected their visions and talents. They call it the Tree House since it has a huge live oak off the deck and backs onto a green belt. Today each continues as self-employment artists, and juggle other service related projects to give back to the community.

    Travis Heights is a great place to call home. We value the unique qualities reflected in the homes, yards, vegetation, parks, people, and animals. The proximity to the hike and bike trail, restaurants, stores, downtown, and city parks makes our community a delight to live in. Now if we could only figure out a way to downsize the property taxes!

    Our community has an amazing variety of residents from artists to activists, teachers to traders, youth to retired. Volunteers with our local community organization, South River City Citizens (SRCC are engaged in encouraging positive development of our neighborhoods.